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Surf sur les plus grandes vagues du monde



Surf sur les plus grandes vagues du monde

Au petit port de pêche de Nazaré, au Portugal, les meilleurs surfeurs viennent affronter les plus grosse vagues du monde: une session qui aurait pu mal tourné !

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Hosting image, video and file on k-upload ?

K-upload combines different services on one platform. We put at your disposal various means of hosting, whether it's image, file or video hosting
With our services you can easily and without obligation store and share your data, upload your images, create and host your photo album or import files and create your own listing: online hosting allowing you to share on any support (forum, website..).
We offer you the possibility to retouch your images using our photo editor.

Free Hosting

Free and Simple Service without registration

Of course, all our services are offered to you free of charge, allowing all users to upload and share them without the need to buy or rent a space of socking: a host of quality, simple and fast requiring no registration or commitment so that you can directly store your content in just a few clicks.
The free hosting is simple and easy, the multi-upload function which is also possible in Drag & Drop allows to heberger several images at once, to send dozens of data at the same time (up to 60 for images and photos).

Host image, photo, video and private file

Image hosting, photos, videos and files may well be private, not publicly accessible: you just have to choose private status before hosting your file. We generate a unique link that is transmitted to you immediately your data hosting, free to you afterward to make visible the contents by sharing with your friends or directly on the internet by copying one of the sharing link that we provide you.
We offer you a private hosting that ensures you respect for your private life.
You will be able to host your data in all tranquility without risks to see this personal information visible to all.

private Host
host k-upload

Upload Fast and Secure

We have high performance servers that guarantees you a quick transfer of your data, an access and a loading of your images, photos, videos and files optimized which is almost instantaneous as well as a permanent accessibility 24h/24 and this 365 days a year makes us a quality host, fast and reliable.
In addition to the performance of our servers, we also want to emphasize that the upload service we offer you allow you a secure hosting: we create a backup of your data that you entrust us to ensure a maximum security thus avoiding any unpleasant surprises.

Hosting and sharing

You also have the possibility thanks to our free host to share with your friends by sharing your images, photos or still your files via them links of sharings, various proposed links corresponding to the choice of the support(medium) which you go to use: all the supports are naturally taken into account so that you can accommodate and share free of charge your data wherever in the sphere of Web, you just have to copy the link which interests you then to stick him(it) where you wish it, this one is immediately supplied after the upload of the file..
if you want to share your contents via the social networks, on a site, forum, blog or other one, then our on-line host is made for you.

Create Photo Album

Create Photo Album

K-upload not only allows you to host multiple images and photos simultaneously thanks to the drag and drop technology but you can also choose of creating an online photo album: a fast image host allowing you to host 60 images.
After creating the photo album, you will be able to share the album entirely or to share only some photos individually by sharing the links that you are provided directly after hosting your images.
Do not wait any more, host your images gif, bmp, tiff, jpeg or png, create your album in seconds and share it with your friends.

Photo Editing

We also offer an image editor that offers you many possibilities (requires no software downloads) and allows you to retouch image and photo with ease, without taking a head thanks to a simplified interface allowing a nice and fast handling.
With k-upload, edit your photos and start transforming: make photo editing, straighten, crop, resize your photos, change the brightness, contrast, sharpness, saturation.. add borders and frames to your images, filters, effects .. you understand, many tools will help you transform and edit your images: You will only have to host your photos online and thus show your creativity to your friends..

Photo Editing

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